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About Highland Direct(ory)

Highland Direct is the public face of an ongoing project aimed at establishing and maintaining a single-point of reference for all businesses located within the boundaries of the Highland Region in Scotland. The directory is flexible and empathetic towards neighbouring communities who have obvious trading interests within the Highland region.

The objective is simply to provide an online facility to help promote awareness of the vast range of products, services and activities available within the local area. Our hope is that the facility will be of as much use to business-to-business users, as it is to business-to-consumer users, and that the net result will prove profitable for both parties.

Not simply another search engine! Highland Direct is an alternative to search engines such as Google and Yahoo. Although extremely powerful and useful tools, they almost always over perform by producing many thousands of search results - far too many for the user to pursue, and often irrelevant to the local business/consumer support effort.

Ease of use. Highland Direct has been designed with the end user in mind, to make the task of locating goods and businesses as easy as possible.

Locate a business. Treat Highland Direct as your local address book to find business addresses, telephone/fax numbers or email addresses and website addresses.

To locate a business: First select the 'BUSINESS' tab above the a-z filters, then select the initial from the 'A-Z' filters that correspond to the business title - if the business you are looking for is listed in the database it will appear in the pick list - click on the business name and the details are presented in the main part of the screen.

Search of a product or service. Treat Highland Direct as your local Yellow Pages directory to find business in your area who can supply the goods or services you need.

To find vendors for a product or service: Select the 'CATEGORIES' tab above the a-z filters, then select the initial from the 'A-Z' filters that correspond to the product or service you seek. If the term is listed in the directory then it will appear in the pick list - click on the categories in the pick list to view a selection of suppliers in the main part of the screen.

In business in the Highland Region?
Read about the advantages of upgrading to a Commercial Entry.

Or Contact us to have your business listed free (no catch!). Basic entries are free to all businesses* within the area. Annual subscription to Low cost 'Premier' entries include highlighted and ranked presentation, display of your business logo or business card image, and a single 'HD Profile' page. If you feel this small commitment could help raise your profile and benefit your business, contact us for more details now.

*We reserve the right to decline requests to include any proposed entry.

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